About The Club

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The Range

10, 25 & 50 yard Approved Range for .22lr Rimfire cartridge and Air rifle.

5 firing points for three positional disciplines


  • Meeting area

  • Disabled access

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen

  • Gun Prep Area

  • Wifi



General Information :

We have all the kit new members need to try out shooting – in fact some people carry on using the club equipment, though there is a huge benefit in people getting their own kit if they take to the sport. I would certainly not suggest people spend money buying equipment until they know they will carry on with the sport. The only exception is ear defenders. Whilst we have some at the club, it is not easy to clean them between uses, so I suggest people bring their own. Nothing fancy required, DIY type ear defenders will suffice for the type of shooting we do.


 For people who live in or near Bridgwater and would prefer to join their “home town club”, I do like to advise them that Clubs use Burnham’s range but on different evenings –  Bridgwater (Sedgemoor) meet Tuesdays. If you would prefer this club, please let me know and I can provide you contact details. However, wherever you live, you are more than welcome to join Burnham – some of our members live as far away as Bristol 


Our initial training evenings for new or potential members, which is the first Sunday in every month. If you wish to visit the club on one of these evenings, I would appreciate knowing in advance if at all possible please, so that I can ensure the right people are there to brief you and to carry out the safety Brief.


Kind regards


Glyn Richards